El nostre homenatge i record pel Jim Hall

Una foto penjada pel Pere Arguimbau
Aquí teniu tota una sèrie de fotos, textos, vídeos i música que els diferents companys han estat penjant al Facebook en motiu del traspàs del gran guitarrista de Jazz, Jim Hall.

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El text que va deixar escrit Joe Lovano:

Jim Hall: Friend, Mentor and Guiding Light

Jim Hall was one of the most influential musicians in my life from the beginning. He played with my dad, knew my Uncle Carl (who plays trumpet) and visited my grandparents home on Kinsmen Ave. in Cleveland. This was in the late 40's and early 50's before he went to LA in 1955. Jim and my dad were friends, playing gigs and going to concerts together at the Cleveland Institute of Music. Jim even remembered going to my dad's barber shop for a cut, when he had hair. My dad spoke about Jim all the time and was so proud to know him and watch his rise to fame on the jazz scene grow from year to year. I grew up listening to recordings that Jim made with Jimmy Guifre, Bob Brookmeyer, Art Farmer and Sonny Rollins. I remember rushing home from high school to watch The Merv Griffin show on TV to see Jim and hear that great band that also featured Plas Johnson, Ray Brown and Jake Hanna.

One of my dreams as a kid was to get myself together on my horn and some day play with Jim Hall. That focus guided me for years. After moving to NY in the mid 70's, playing with Woody Herman and joining the Mel Lewis Jazz Orchestra featuring Bob Brookmeyer in 1980, we finally met. Jim was also a fan of The Paul Motian Trio that featured Bill Frisell and myself and heard us on occasion at the Vanguard as well. Jim and I first played together around 1994 or so. He called me to be a part of his Telarc recording "Dialogues" which also featured Tom Harrell, Mike Stern, Gil Goldstein and Bill Frisell. We recorded a beautiful ballad of Jim's "Bon Ami" and a tune he wrote for me called "Calypso Joe". I was overjoyed and overwhelmed. That was the beginning of our working together, touring the States, Europe, Canada and Japan through the years. I'm also featured on his 1996 release for Telarc "Textures". There are some beautiful compositions and orchestrations, all originals by Jim written for the date with string and brass ensembles. In 1997 we formed a quartet together "Grand Slam" that featured George Mraz and Lewis Nash which led to a recording, also for Telarc, "Live at the Reggata Bar" in Boston. It featured compositions of mine and Jim's, in the year 2000. This last May 2013 we played in Washington DC for five fantastic nights, which turned out unfortunately to be the last time we all played together.
I am deeply saddened by Jim's passing but will continue learning from his innovative and poetic contributions to jazz, treasure our moments together and celebrate his genius, humanity and friendship all of my days.

I l’enllaç a un vídeo seu amb Jim Hall.

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I segur que n'hi ha més, però potser són suficients, oi? Miquel Tuset i Mallol.

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